Understanding System-Tracked Update Feeds

Understanding Update Status

Workfront captures the activity taking place on certain objects through update status feeds on the Updates tab of the object. 

The Updates tab includes the following types of updates:

  • User updates: Updates manually entered by users, also referred to as updates, comments, replies, and notes. 
  • System updates: Updates automatically made by the system. A system update includes a brief note describing what kind of change happened to the item. 

The following objects can have updates: 

  • Project
  • Task
  • Issue
  • Portfolio
  • Program
  • User
  • Templates
  • Template tasks
  • Documents
  • Timesheets
    Timesheets do not have an Updates tab. The Update Status feed is located at the bottom of the timesheet. 

Your Workfront license determines whether system updates display by default in the Updates tab of objects. Workfront users with a Plan license have system updates displayed in the Updates tab by default. However, users can filter out system updates, as described in the "Filtering System Updates" section in "Updating Work." All other Workfront licenses filter system updates by default.

Enabling System-Tracked Update Feeds

System administrators can define what type of changes the system should track in the Updates tab. Not all objects have configurable update status feeds.

The following objects have an Updates tab that captures system-tracked update feeds, but do not have configurable update status feeds:

  • Templates
  • Template tasks
  • Documents
  • Timesheets

For more information about update feeds and how to enable them, see "Enabling System-Tracked Update Feeds."


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