Timesheet Approvals

The process of approving timesheets provides managers with visibility into the work hours of their direct reports. Approvers can verify that all time recorded has been allocated in the correct areas and that a sufficient number of hours have been recorded for the period.

Workfront provides the ability to configure timesheet approvals to support in this area.

Designating Timesheet Approvers

Typically, timesheets are approved by functional managers or human resources personnel. (Timesheets are not normally approved by project managers.) 

A timesheet approver is defined when creating the Timesheet Profile. You must have a Plan license to be designated as an approver.

For more information about designating timesheet approvers, see the "Creating or Editing a Timesheet Profile" section in the "Creating Timesheet Profiles."

Submitting a Timesheet for Approval

Submitting a Timesheet for Approval

After a timesheet approver is set (as described in "Designating a Timesheet Approver"), the Submit button at the bottom of the timesheet changes to a Submit for Approval button.


At the end of the timesheet period each user clicks Submit for Approval, which launches the timesheet approval process. When a timesheet has been submitted for approval, the approver sees the timesheet listed in the Approvals area on the My Work page.

Viewing the Status of a Submitted Timesheet

You can view the status of a timesheet after it has been submitted.

If the system administrator has enable the 'Timesheet Approval to User' and the 'Timesheet Rejection to User' event handlers, the user who submitted the timesheet is notified after the timesheet is approved or rejected. Without these notifications, the only indication a timesheet owner has of a rejected timesheet is to go to the 'My Timesheets' report (which displays all timesheets belonging to the logged-in user that have not been closed) to review the status of the active timesheets.

To view the status of a timesheet:

  1. Click Timesheet in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the My Timesheets tab.

Recalling a Timesheet

You can recall a timesheet that has already been submitted for approval. Only timesheets that haven't been approved can be recalled. 

To recall a timesheet:

  1. Go to Timesheets in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Select a timesheet with a status of Submitted.
  3. Click Recall.

Approving a Timesheet

You can approve any timesheets that have been submitted where you have been designated as an approver. You must have a Plan license to be designated as an approver.

If the system administrator has enabled the 'Timesheet Submission to Approver' event handler (automated email), the assigned approver receives an email notification stating that a timesheet is awaiting approval. For information about how system administrators can enable this email notification, see "Enabling and Disabling Event Notifications."

To approve a timesheet:

  1. Click Timesheet in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the Timesheets I Approve tab.
  3. Click the timesheet you want to approve.
  4. Click Approve.
    If you want to reject the timesheet, click Reject.



This article last updated on 2018-09-04 16:15:20 UTC