Understanding the Planned Benefit of a Project


The Planned Benefit is the estimated dollar amount that an organization might benefit from if a project is completed.

The Planned Benefit is not calculated by Workfront, but it is identified by the Project Owner and manually specified in the Business Case of the project. It is recommended that each organization establish a policy as to how this value is determined.

The Planned Benefit of a project affects the Net Value of a project. 
For more information about calculating the Net Value of a project, see "Calculating Net Value."

You can view the Planned Benefit of a project in the following areas in Workfront:

To specify the Planned Benefit of a project:

  1. Navigate to a project for which you wish to enter the Planned Benefit.
  2. Click the Project Details tab, then click the Business Case sub-tab.
  3. Click Edit Project Info and specify the planned benefit amount in the Planned Benefit field.
  4. Click Save.


FYI: This is linked to Editing Projects and Understanding the Portfolio Optimizer. 

This article last updated on 2019-03-28 20:16:19 UTC