Popular Business Case Fields Explained

The following table describes some of the common fields on the business case. 

Remember that in order for some of these fields to produce results, corresponding areas of the business case have to be completed. 

For more information on creating a Business Case, see "Creating a Business Case."

Name of Field Explanation
Project Name of the project
Description Description of the project
Net Value The net value is calculated as (Benefit -Budget Cost-Potential Risk). This value is your expected net income from the project.
Budgeted Cost The budgeted cost is calculated as (Project Expenses + Labor Cost from Resources Estimates). This value is an estimated total project cost. 
Potential Risk Potential risk is calculated as (Potential Cost * Risk Probability). This value is the estimated total financial cost when the project's risks actually happen. 
Alignment This value is from the scorecard attached to the project. A high percentage result indicates that the project is well-aligned with the mission, values, and goals of the organization. 
Benefit The benefit or revenue value you entered in the project Info section. 
Portfolio Name of the portfolio assigned in the project information area. 
Program Name of the portfolio's program assigned to the project. 
Sponsor Name of the project sponsor assigned in the project information area. 
Status Indicates the project status.