Mapping Microsoft Project Fields to Workfront


Projects in Workfront and Microsoft Project are mostly compatible. Using the two applications, you can do the following:

  • Export projects from Microsoft Project and import them into Workfront
  • Export projects from Workfront and import them to Microsoft Project. 

For more information about importing projects from Microsoft Project in to Workfront, see "Importing a Project from Microsoft Project."

For more information about exporting a project from Workfront to import it into Microsoft Project, see "Exporting a Project to a Microsoft Project."

When performing such imports of data, it is important to understand how information translates from one application to the other. Most times, you will have to make some manual modifications to the project, after you complete the import. 

Understanding Field Mapping

NOTE Planned dates do not always correspond between both systems. Discrepancies can be accounted for through schedule and differences in system preferences between Workfront and Microsoft Project. These date discrepancies can also result in differences in effort, duration, and percent complete.

Microsoft Project Field Workfront Field
Project Name Project Description
Project Planned Start Date Project Planned Start Date
Task Name Task Name
Task Planned Duration Task Planned Duration
Task Planned Effort/ Work Planned Hours
Task Percentage Complete Task Percentage Complete
Planned Start and Completion Dates Planned Start and Completion Dates
Actual Start and Completion Dates Actual Start and Completion Dates
Task Assignments Task Assignments
Assignment Allocation Percentage Assignment Allocation Percentage
Task Note Task Description
Predecessor Predecessor

Understanding Data That Is Not Included

There are a number of project fields that are not imported to or exported from Workfront.

These fields include but are not limited to the following:

  • Document attachments
  • Custom fields (at the project or task levels)
  • Workfront notes
  • Issues
  • Negative lag in tasks with a Start/ Finish predecessor relationship (tasks are imported without the lag)
  • Assignments
  • Task Constraints
    NOTE Because Constraints do not map between Microsoft Project and Workfront, ensure that there are predecessor relationships between the tasks. Otherwise, the Planned Start and Planned Completion Dates of the tasks might not accurate in the imported project. 


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