Creating Baselines

The baseline is a project snapshot that represents key pieces of data included in the initial project plan as approved prior to execution.

A baseline is used to compare those data points from the current plan to the original plan to identify problem tasks, scope creep, and other trends over time.

IMPORTANT A baseline takes a snapshot of the name, dates, and financial information. The baseline does not include the values of custom fields on the original project.

A project preference can be set so the baseline is automatically created on projects. For more information about automatically creating baselines, see "Project Status" in "Setting Project Preferences."

To create a baseline:

  1. Navigate to a project. 
  2. Click the Baseline tab. 
    The Baseline tab may be located under the More tab. 
  3. Click +New Baseline.
  4. Specify the name for the baseline.
  5. (Optional) If this is the first baseline, users may want to choose it as the default. 

  6. Click Save.

Users can create new baselines for the project as needed as the project progresses. Baselines can be compared to see how the project progressed over time. 

This article last updated on 2018-10-12 14:37:24 UTC