June 2015 Release Activity


The changes described in this section are being released to one or more of the following environments in June 2015:

  • Preview Sandbox (PrS): Available to all system administrators and any other users as defined by the system administrator. (For more information about the Preview Sandbox, see "Preview Sandbox Testing Environment.") This is the first opportunity that users in your organization have to review a feature before it is made available to Early Access environments and then made generally available.

  • Early Access (EA): Available to all system administrators and any other users as defined by the system administrator. (For information about how to configure Early Access settings, see"Configuring System Preferences.") Most features made available in Early Access were previously available in the Preview Sandbox.

  • General Availability (GA): Available to all Workfront users. Neither system administrators nor users can opt out of features in General Availability. Most features made generally available were previously available in the Preview Sandbox and Early Access environments. 


Feature / Change



Working On Calendar Enhancements

The following enhancements were made to the Working On calendar:

  • When dragging an item to another location in the Working On calendar, a placeholder appears, allowing you to easily see where the item originated and preventing you from unintentionally changing the date.
  • Collapse user rows for easier navigation. When dropping an item onto a collapsed row, the row automatically expands.
  • Items on the calendar that are not being moved are not rearranged until the item that is being moved is placed in its new location.
  • Cancel an action while dragging by pressing the Esc key.
  • When adjusting a task due date by dragging, a red guideline is displayed if the item is a critical path item (an item that has dependencies) and you attempt to move it to a location that will impact the project timeline.
  • Changes made to a task impact the task dates on the project.
  • Changes made to items that are assigned to multiple users are synchronized (changes made to the item in one user row are automatically reflected on the item in the other user row).
  • Tooltip improvements when hovering over an item.
  • Performance improvements.

For more information, see "Working On Calendar."

GA: June 13

Configure How the Status of Resolvable Objects Are Set

Workfront now enables you to configure whether the status of resolvable objects (issues that are converted to tasks or projects) is set using the default statuses or the status keys.

For more information, see "Issues" in "Tasks & Issues Preferences."

GA: June 13

Restrict Workfront from Displaying in an Iframe

You now have the ability to configure whether Workfront can be displayed an iframe.

Displaying a web-based application like Workfront in an iframe is a security risk because it makes Workfront susceptible to a clickjacking security breach.

The ability to display Workfront in an iframe is enabled by default for existing Workfront customers. You can disable this ability by deselecting the “Allow embedding of Workfront in an iframe” option in the system preferences, as described in “Modifying Security Preferences” in “Configuring System Preferences.”

The ability to display Workfront in an iframe is disabled by default for new Workfront customers.

PrS: June 13

GA: June 27

Display Baseline Deletion in the Update Feed

You can configure Update Feeds to be updated when baselines are deleted in projects throughout the Workfront system.

For more information, see "Enabling Actions"in "Creating System-Tracked Update Feeds."

PrS: June 13

GA: June 27

Team Requests and Work Requests Enhancements

The Team Requests tab in the People area and the Work Requests tab in the My Work area now share the same appearance and functionality.

The following changes were made:

  • Filter enhancements:
    • The "Ready to Start" filter is new to the Team Requests tab; it previously existed on the Work Requests tab as "I Can Start On."
    • Quickly see the number of requests on both the Team Requests and Work Requests tabs for the "Ready to Start On" and "All" filters.
  • Shared layout template
    The Team Requests tab and Work Requests tab now share the same layout template. Changes made to this layout template affect both tabs.

For more information, see "Work and Team Requests."

PrS: June 13

GA: June 27

Resize Columns in Lists

You can now resize columns in lists by dragging and dropping column boundaries. This includes reports, views, and the Gantt view.

For more information, see "Modifying Column Widths."

PrS: June 13

EA: June 27

GA: Aug 8

Character Limit Counter

Certain fields in Workfront now limit the number of characters that can be included in the field. When you approach the limit, a counter appears. When you exceed the limit, excess characters are highlighted, and you are unable to post the text.

For more information, see "Character Limits in Fields."

PrS: June 13

EA: June 27

GA: Aug 8

Update Workfront Items from Outlook

The Workfront-Outlook Add-In now enables you to update projects, tasks or issues in Workfront with information from your Outlook mail items. You can include information from the message itself and any message attachments.

For more information, see "Updating Workfront Items from Outlook."

EA: June 27

(Add-in is available for download)

GA: Aug 8

Timeline Recalculation and Data Are Saved Independently

Workfront now saves project data independently from the timeline dates when recalculating timelines. As a result, before the timeline recalculation is finished, some planned or projected dates might display as dimmed.  This means that the recalculation is not yet finished, and the dates are subject to change.

For more information about recalculating timelines, see "Recalculating Timelines on a Project."

PrS: June 13

EA: June 27


New Field for Showing Items on a Dashboard

You now have the option to specify the number of items to show when displaying a report on a dashboard.

For more information, see "Creating a Report."

GA: June 27

Workfront DAM

Workfront DAM is a native Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that is tied to Workfront.

For information about how to enable Workfront DAM for your system, see"Configuring Document Integrations."

For information about how users can use Workfront DAM after it has been enabled, see "Managing Documents with Workfront DAM."

EA: June 23

GA: Aug 8

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