Bulk Editing

Editing Items in Bulk

You can modify the fields of several items at a time, when you bulk edit the items simultaneously by selecting them at the same time in a list.

You must have Manage permissions on the objects in the list to be able to edit them in bulk.

There are multiple fields available in the Bulk Edit form to make editing items easier, but not all object fields are available to be updated in a bulk edit. The fields that are available for editing varies from one object to another. 

To edit items in bulk:

  1. Select one or several items in a list of items, then click Edit.

    A screen is displayed that provides various properties that are eligible for a bulk edit, allowing you to make the same changes to all of the selected objects. The items that are being edited are displayed in the upper-left corner of the page.
  2. (Conditional) If you are editing objects that have multiple custom forms applied, see "Editing Multiple Objects with Multiple Custom Forms" for information about actions that you can perform.
  3. Click Save Changes.

Editing Multiple Objects With Multiple Custom Forms

If you are editing objects that have multiple custom forms applied, you can edit the way forms are displayed on those objects, as well as edit common fields among the custom forms.

When editing multiple objects with multiple custom forms, you can perform the following actions: 

  • Edit fields from custom forms that are common to all of the objects being edited: When fields are edited, a visual indicator is shown on the field, showing that the field has been edited.

  • Apply additional forms to the objects: Click the drop-down list, then select the form that you want to add.
    Consider the following when applying additional forms:

    • Objects can have up to 10 custom forms.

    • You can apply forms only when the form is not already applied to any of the objects that you are editing. You cannot add a form that is already applied to one of the objects that you are editing.

    • After you apply an additional form, any fields that form has in common with other forms are displayed in the 'Common Fields' section, and they can be edited.

If all of the objects that you are editing share a common custom form, you can perform the following additional actions on any of the shared forms:

  • Change the order in which the custom forms appear on the objects:Drag a form to a new location in the list of custom forms.
    The custom forms must already be in the same order on each object being edited in order to change the order.

  • Remove custom forms from the objects: Click Remove Form.
    If you have made changes to the form, removing it results in your changes being lost.
    After you remove a form, any fields from that form that were in the 'Common Fields' section are removed and can no longer be edited.
    Click Restore Form to restore the form to the state it was in before you edited the objects. (Changes that you made to the form cannot be restored.)

  • Collapse and expand custom forms to view and hide the fields within the custom form: Click the 'Expand and Collapse' arrow icons.

    To collapse all forms simultaneously, click Collapse Forms.
    To expand all forms simultaneously, click Expand Forms.