Project Settings

The Project Settings options are available when editing a project addressing how updates and changes to the project occur.

Project Settings contains several fields that a manager can update to impact the project. 

To access the Project Settings:

  1. Click Edit Project, next to Project Actions.
  2. Specify the following information:
    Milestone Path: This field is used to identify a milestone path for the project. Once a milestone path is identified, milestones can be associated with tasks for tracking. 
    Completion Mode: This field will determine how the project is marked complete in Workfront. If set to Manual, the manager will update this when the project is complete. If set to Automatic, Workfront will move the project to complete when all tasks and issues are completed. This addresses the overall project status. 
    Summary Completion Mode: This field impacts how subtasks and parent tasks relate to each other. When set to Manual, subtask completions will not roll up to parent task completion. The manager will need to manually complete the parent task. If set to Automatic, when all subtasks are marked complete, the parent task will automatically be marked as complete. This field addresses relationship between parent and children tasks. 
    Update Type: This field allows a project to change how its timeline projections are updated.
    Schedule: A unique schedule can be set for the project. 
    Resource Leveling Mode: This field sets resource leveling as manual or automatic settings. 
    Risk: This sets the risk level associated with the project. 
    Resource Pool: This is the resource pool associated with the project. This information will coincide with the information defined in the business case. 
    Approval Process: If an approval process is associated with the project, it will show here. A global approval process can be set here. 
    Filter Hour Types: If using Project Specific hour types, managers can set which hour types they want team members to see and use when recording time on projects.
  3. Click Save Changes.