How To Set Custom Tabs

Custom tabs allow you to determine what dashboards (reports) you want to see. Custom tabs can be added on the Reporting or Projects areas, as well as each of the Project, Issue, Task, Portfolio and Program pages.

You can view up to six tabs at a time. Tabs not set to be part of the default display are found in the More drop-down. The far left tab is the default tab for the page. Tabs can be dragged and dropped into the preferred order of display. 

To set custom tabs:

  1. Begin by navigating to the desired area to add a custom tab.
  2. Using the More drop down, select Customize Tabs.

  3. Click +Add Custom Tab
  4. Enter a label for the tab. 

  5. In the Add a Dashboard or External Page field, type the dashboard or external page you want to add the tab to. Select the dashboard or external page when it appears in the list.
    NOTE You must create a dashboard or an external page before you can add them to a Custom Tab.
    For more information about creating dashboards, see "Creating Dashboards."
    For more information about creating external pages, see "Embedding External Web Pages into Dashboards."
  6. Click Add Tab.
  7. (Optional) Rearrange tabs by dragging and dropping them to accommodate the desired layout. 
  8. Click Save Changes.
This article last updated on 2017-12-12 22:20:20 UTC