Understanding Teams


The purpose of a team in Workfront is to capture the real-life dynamic of functional working groups in the workplace. 

For information about how when to use teams instead of groups, see "Understanding Differences and Similarities between Groups and Teams."

Understanding Team Organization

A Workfront Team differs from a project team. Workfront teams include individuals of diverse job roles or various purposes, who are functionally affiliated and organized into a working unit. An individual can belong to more than one team. Team members might match org chart relationships, but they can also appear outside the department structure.

Understanding Team Creation

Teams are typically created by a System Administrator, but a user with appropriate access can as well.  Once a team is created, the Project Manager can assign an entire team to a task instead of deciding on an individual or job role.

Understanding Team Assignments

A Project Manager does not always know which individual will complete an assignment-simply that a particular work unit or team completes work of that specific nature.

Members of an assigned team can also navigate to the 'People' area, 'Teams' tab and see the tasks assigned to their team. They can assess the impact of a task and volunteer to work on it.


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