Converting Comments to Tasks or Issues

You can convert comments that you have made on a work item into a task or issue. You can convert only comments that you have made; you cannot convert comments that were made by other users.

To convert a comment to a task or issue:

  1. Navigate to the comment that you want to convert to a task or issue.
  2. Beneath the comment, click Task.
  3. Specify the following information:
    Task Name: Specify the name of the new task.
    Assign to: Begin typing the name of the user who you want to assign the task or issue to, then click the name when it appears in the drop-down list.
    Date: Click the Calendar icon to select a due date for the task.
    Description: Specify a description for the task.
    Create As: Select whether you want to create a task, subtask, or issue. The type of object the comment is on determines the type of item you can create.
    If the comment is on a task, you can create the item either as an issue or a subtask to the item.
    If the comment is on a project, you can create the item either as a parent task or issue. Keep in mind that the newly created item can always be moved
    If the comment is in the My Work area, you can create the item only as a My Work Task.
  4. Click Add to create the task.
This article last updated on 2016-07-08 16:56:13 UTC