Converting a Task To a Project


When a task in a project requires a larger amount of effort to complete, you can convert it to a project. 

To convert a task, you must have the following access and permissions:

  • Access to create projects
  • Permissions to Manage the task

Be aware of the following when converting a task to a project:

  • The original task is deleted.
  • Task approvals are deleted.
  • All sub-tasks, issues and notes roll up to the new project.
  • Documents, document versions, and proofs are moved to the new project.
  • Status and percent complete of all sub-tasks and issues are preserved.
  • Shared users of the task become shared users on the project.
  • The project start date is set to the start date of the task.
  • If the task status is 'New' the project status is set to 'Planning.'
  • If the task status is 'In Progress' the project status is set to 'Current.'
  • If the task status is 'Complete' the project status is set to 'Complete.'

To convert a task to a project:

  1. Locate the task you want to convert to a project and click on the task name to open the task.
  2. Click Task Actions.
  3. Choose either the following options: 
    • New Project
    • New from Template 
  4. Click Continue on the notification that appears.
  5. In the Convert to Project box, specify the following:
    • Name: Name your project. The default name is the name of the task.
    • (Optional) Description: Describe the purpose for this project.
    • (Optional and conditional) If you have selected to create a project from a template, update the available fields in the Convert to Project dialog box.
      For more information about editing fields on projects, see "Editing Projects."
    • (Optional) Add Custom Forms to the new project.
      For more information about transferring information from the custom form of the task to that of the new project, see "Transferring Custom Form Data from Issues and Tasks to Tasks or Projects During Converting Them."
  6. Click Save Changes.

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