Converting a Task To a Project

When a task in a project requires a larger amount of effort to complete, you can convert it to a project. 

To convert a task, you must have the following access and permissions:

  • Access to create projects
  • Permissions to Manage the task

Be aware of the following when converting a task to a project:

  • The original task is deleted.
  • Task approvals are deleted.
  • All sub-tasks, issues and notes roll up to the new project.
  • Documents, document versions, and proofs are moved to the new project.
  • Status and percent complete of all sub-tasks and issues are preserved.
  • Shared users of the task become shared users on the project.
  • The project start date is set to the start date of the task.
  • If the task status is 'New' the project status is set to 'Planning.'
  • If the task status is 'In Progress' the project status is set to 'Current.'
  • If the task status is 'Complete' the project status is set to 'Complete.'

To convert a task to a project:

  1. Locate the task you want to convert to a project and click on the task name to open the task.
  2. Click Task Actions.
  3. Choose either the following options: 
    • New Project
    • New from Template 
  4. Click Continue on the notification that appears.
  5. In the Convert to Project box, specify the following:
    • Name: Name your project (the default name is the name of the task)
    • (Optional) Description: Describe the purpose for this project.
    • (Optional) Add Custom Forms to the new project.
  6. Click Save Changes.