Copying and Duplicating Tasks

The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

You must have the following access and permissions to copy or duplicate tasks: 

  • Access to create tasks
  • Permissions to manage the project

You can copy a task from a project to another project, or you can duplicate a task within the same project. 

You can copy or duplicate one or several tasks or parent tasks at a time. 

Copying Tasks

You can copy a task in the following areas of the Workfront web application: 

  • At the task level, from the Task Actions menu.
  • In a task list, by right-clicking the name of a task.
  • In a task list, by selecting the task (or tasks) and expanding the More menu.

To copy a task:

  1. Navigate to the project that contains the task or tasks that you want to copy.
  2. Select the Tasks tab, then select a task that you want to copy. 
  3. Right click the selected task or tasks,
    Click the More drop-down menu, then click Copy to.
    NOTE In the Preview Environment you cannot copy a task by right clicking the task. (This has been temporarily disabled in Preview.)
  4. (Optional) Edit the name of the copied task by clicking inside the name field and giving it a new name. 
    NOTE This option is not available when you have selected more than one task.
  5. By default, the name of the current project displays in the Project field.
  6. (Optional) Update the project name if you want to place the copied task on another project. 
  7. Click Next Step.
  8. (Optional) Select any of the following options to remove the items from the new task:
    NOTE Issues are not copied with the task.
    • Clear Constraint
    • Clear Assignments
    • Clear Approval Process
    • Clear Progress
    • Clear All Predecessors: This is selected by default. 
    • Clear Custom Data: Removes the information from the custom form on the task, as well as the information on the custom forms associated with Expenses and Documents attached to the task, if those are also copied with the task. The custom forms will remain attached to the tasks, expenses, and documents, but the information on the forms will not carry over to the new task. 
    • Clear Financial Information
    • Clear Documents: Removes everything in the documents tab, including document versions, linked documents, and folders.
      By default, document proofs and approvals cannot be copied to another task.
    • Clear Reminder Notifications
    • Clear Expenses
    • Clear Permissions: Removes permissions to all the users on the task. 
      NOTE Permissions are removed from users who are assigned to the copied tasks, if Clear Assignments is not selected. 
  9. (Optional) Click Go back a Step to move to the previous step.
  10. (Optional) Click Next Step.
    Click Select Parent to select a parent task for the tasks that you are copying. 
    If you do not select a parent task, the tasks are copied as main task rather than subtasks and they are placed at the end of the task list on the specified project. 
  11. (Optional) Select a parent by doing one of the following:
    In the task list, select one of the parents in the project plan.
    Using the Search field, search for a parent task by name. The task should appear in the list.
  12. Select the radio button for the parent, after you have found it. 
  13. (Optional) Click Go back a Step to move to the previous step.
  14. Click Finish and Copy Task(s).
    The copied task or tasks now reside on the specified project and are either subtasks to the parent task that you selected, or the last tasks on the project.

Duplicating Tasks

You can quickly duplicate a task in a tasks list, if you need an identical task on the same project. 

You can duplicate a task in a task list only when the list is sorted by task number. 

Remember the following things when duplicating tasks:

  • The new task will have the same name as the original task.
  • You cannot select what information is duplicated with a task and what information is not copied. Almost all the information from the original task will be transferred to the duplicated task, including parent relationship, by default. 
  • The following items are not transferred to the new task:
    - Logged hours
    - Notes
    - Issues
    - Only the predecessors which are in the same group of copied tasks are also copied with their successor tasks.
    For example, if you copy Task 2 and its predecessor, Task 1, at the same time, then you have a copy of Task 2 and a copy of Task 1. The copy of Task 1 will be the predecessor of the copy of Task 2. But if you copy just Task 2 without copying its predecessor, then its copy will have no predecessor. 
  • When you duplicate a parent task, all children tasks are also duplicated, even when the children tasks are not selected. 

To duplicate tasks: 

  1. Navigate to the project that contains the task or tasks that you want to duplicate.
  2. Select the Tasks tab, then select the tasks you want to duplicate. 
  3. Right click the selected tasks, 
    Click the More drop-down menu, then click Duplicate.
    NOTE In the Preview Environment you cannot duplicate a task by right clicking the task. (This has been temporarily disabled in Preview.)
    The tasks you selected are added directly after the original tasks, on the same project. If the tasks you duplicated were children tasks, they are added under the same parent as the original task. 
This article last updated on 2018-09-06 14:04:04 UTC