Setting Condition On Tasks and Issues

The Condition of a work item is a flag placed on it to indicate the current development of the task or the issue. This is different than the Status of the work item, which indicates the current stage of the development of the item. 

You can set the condition of a task or an issue either automatically or manually. 

You can change the condition of a task or an issue only if you are assigned to them.

Automatically Setting The Condition Of A Task By Updating The Task Status

When you are assigned a task and you click Work On It, the condition of the task automatically changes to Going Smoothly.

For information about changing the task status, see "Updating Task Status."

Manually Setting The Condition Of A Task

  1. Navigate to a task for which you want to set the Condition.
    You must be assigned to the task in order to set the Condition of the task.
  2. Click How's this going?
  3. Select a condition that best reflects the current condition of the task.
    You can select from the following options: 
    • Going Smoothly
    • Some Concerns
    • Major Roadblocks
  4. (Optional) In the Start a new update area type a message explaining your reason for changing the condition.
  5. Click Update.
    For information about the additional functionality that is available when updating a work item, see "Updating Work Items."
This article last updated on 2018-07-18 21:53:05 UTC