Creating a Template

You can create and delete templates from the Projects area. When building a new template, you can enter the information for all of the tasks and all information for your future project settings. This information will then transfer to the project, when you create it from the template.

You can create a new template in the following ways:

  • From scratch, as described in this section.
  • From existing projects, by saving a project as a template.
    For more information about creating templates from existing projects, see "Saving a Project as a Template."
  • By copying it from another template.
    For more information about copying an existing template, see "Copying a Template."

To create a new template from scratch:

  1. Navigate to the Projects area in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Select the Projects tab.
  3. Select the Templates sub-tab.
  4. Click New Template.
  5. Specify a name for the new template, then press Enter.
  6. Click Start Adding Template Tasks
    New Template Task
    to start adding tasks to your template.
    Adding template tasks to a template is identical to adding tasks to a project.
    For more information about adding tasks to a project, see "Creating Tasks in a Project."
  7. (Optional) Click the Gantt chart icon in the upper right corner of the Task List to see a visual representation of your template's tasks. You cannot edit tasks directly from the Gantt chart.
  8. To add information to your new template, click Edit Template in the upper-right corner of the page.
    The Edit Template page is displayed:
    For more information about editing a template, see "Editing Templates."
  9. Click Save Changes.


This article last updated on 2019-03-06 19:36:15 UTC