Attaching a Template to a Project

You can attach a template to a project either during the initial creation phase of the project or after it has been created. 

For more information about creating a project using a template, see "Creating a Project Using a Template."

Attaching a Template to an Existing Project

  1. Navigate to the project where you want to attach a template. 
  2. Click Project Actions, then click Attach Template.
  3. Begin typing the name of the template that you want to attach, then select it from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Next Step to navigate through the numbered options, as follows(or, select Finish and Attach Template at any time):
    Exclude: Select any tasks that you want to exclude from the template before attaching it to the project. 
    Options: Select the checkbox beside any information you want to clear from the template before attaching it to the project. 
    Select Predecessor: Select which project task you want finished before the template tasks are started. Alternatively, you can skip this step and set up relationships within the project after the template is attached. 
    Select Parent: Select which project task you want to designate as the parent task for all of the template tasks. If you do not make a selection, all of the template tasks appear at the end of your current project tasks. You can skip this step and move tasks around in the project after the template is attached. 
    Custom Form: Select any custom forms to attach to the project.
    Consider the following when attaching a template that contains custom forms:
    - You can have up to 10 custom forms on any given project. This means that the custom forms that already exist on the project (either in the Project Details or in Queue Setup) and the custom forms that exist on the template that you are attaching cannot exceed 10. If the total exceeds 10, you see a message indicating that no custom data will be transferred from the template. For example, if the project where you are attaching the template already has 6 custom forms, the template that you are attaching cannot contain more than 4 custom forms.
    - If the template you are attaching contains any of the same custom fields that exist on the project, the fields in the template are automatically populated with the data that exists in the project (in this case, data in the template cannot be modified, because the template inherits the values from the project). If no data exists for these fields within the project, you must populate the fields while attaching the template.
  5. Click Finish and Attach Template.
    Your template is now attached to your project. You can edit the project and adjust any tasks, information, or settings as needed. 

Attaching Multiple Templates to an Existing Project and Viewing Template Information

You can attach multiple templates to the same project, following the steps described in "Attaching a Template to an Existing Project." 

To understand what template is applied to a project:

  1. Navigate to a project which has a template attached.
  2. Select the Project Details tab, then the Overview sub-tab.
  3. Find the name of the first template attached to the project in the Template field.
    NOTE When you attach several templates to a project, only the first one displays in the Project Details tab.

Removing a Template from a Project

You cannot remove a template from a project. You can only delete the tasks in the project which were added with the template. 

When you delete a template from Workfront, the tasks which were added to projects when the template was attached remain on the projects. 

When you delete a template from Workfront, the name of the template is no longer listed in the Template field on the Overview sub-tab of the project.

For more information about deleting templates, see "Deleting Templates."

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