Embedding External Web Pages into Dashboards


Understanding External Pages

You can embed an external web page into a dashboard to provide access to related information from other systems within Workfront or to other Workfront pages.

For example, if your organization has a web-based document repository, wiki, or other content management system that contains project information that is regularly accessed through a URL, you can display that information into Workfront by creating an External Page on a dashboard.

NOTE In order for a web page to be displayed in Workfront as described in this section, the web page you are referencing must allow embedding as an iframe. If the web page does not allow embedding as an iframe, it cannot be displayed in Workfront. You can access them by clicking the name of the external page on the dashboard. 

Embedding an External Page into a Dashboard

  1. Locate the URL of the page to display in Workfront and copy the URL located in the address bar.
    NOTE If you are sharing URLs to Workfront objects, remember that some URLs expire over time. For example, document URLs expire after they have been opened. This is configured as a security measure, and by design they are considered as non-static URLs and should not be shared. 
  2. In Workfront, navigate to Reporting in the Global Navigation Bar. 
  3. Click the Dashboard tab.
  4. Select the dashboard you want to embed the website page in, then click Edit in the Dashboard Actions drop-down menu.
    Click New Dashboard to create a new dashboard.
    For more information about creating a dashboard, see Creating Dashboards.

  5. Click Add External Page.

  6. Specify a Name for the external page.
  7. Specify a Description.
  8. Paste the URL you copied earlier into the URL field.
    You can specify the following types of URLs:
    • An https (encrypted) URL to a web page.
      Only https (encrypted) pages load with the URL.external_page.png
    • A template URL that contains session information for a specific website:
      For example: https://localhost/?session={!$$SESSION} 
      You must be logged into the specified website to display the External Page. 
      For information about how to obtain a SessionID from Workfront, see "API Basics."
      Your system administrator may configure your system preferences in a way that does not allow the use of session information in your External Pages, for security reasons. In this case, the External Page does not load on the dashboard. 
      For more information about system security preferences, see "Configuring System Security Preferences." 
  9. Click Save
    The page is automatically added to the dashboard. If future dashboards are created, the external page can be added. The external page will be found among the Available Reports.


This is linked to: Creating Dashboards, and Editing Dashboards. 

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