Sharing a Proof Within Workfront

You can share a proofed document within Workfront in multiple ways. Each method has advantages, as shown in the following table:

  Grants Access to the Document in Workfront Grants Access to the Proof in both Workfront and ProofHQ Requests Approval within Workfront
Sharing the document  X  X  

Sharing the proof (sending the proof link or adding users to the proof)


(Grants View access when you share either the Approver role or the Reviewer & Approver role, as described in the "Adding Users to a Proof" section)

 X  X 

Sharing the Document

To share a proof with another user within Workfront, share the proofed document, as described in "Sharing Objects" in "Sharing Permissions on Objects."

Sharing the Proof

You can share a proof with other users in the following ways:

By sharing the proof link: Grants View access to users. Users can add comments to the proof or subscribe to email notifications by signing in with their Workfront or Workfront Proof login credentials; non-proofing users can sign in with an email address and display name).

By adding users to the proof: Users automatically appear in the Workflow section of the Proof details page and are made proofing approvers. The proof appears in the users' My Work or Home area for approval.

NOTE You can also share a proof from within the Proofing Viewer. For instructions, see "Sharing a Proof in the Proofing Viewer."

Sharing the Proof Link


  • If a proof has not already been generated for an existing document in Workfront, you must first generate it, as described in "Generating a Proof on an Existing Document" in "Creating a Proof."
  • You can access a proof's public link only after the proof has been added to Workfront (you cannot access the proof link during the proof creation process).
  • During the proof creation process, the options "Download original file" and "Share proof via public URL or embed code" [are we going to change this name when the embed code is removed?] must be selected. For more information about these options, see "Uploading and Configuring a Proof" in the article "Creating Proofs in Workfront."

If the proof owner has enabled sharing for the proof, you can copy the public link and distribute it in a method outside of Workfront (such as via an email or chat application), or you can send the link as an email to specific individuals directly from Workfront.

  1. Select the document that contains the proof you want to share with users.
    You can select only one document. You cannot share the link for multiple documents at the same time.
  2. Click Share > Proof Link.
    The steps after this are repeated in Sharing a Proof in the Proofing Viewer. Create a snippet.
  3. Do either of the following in the Proof link box that appears:
    • To copy the public link to your clipboard, click Copy link
      You can now distribute the link via a third-party tool, such as a chat or email application.
    • To email the link directly from Workfront:
      1. In the Or email link to field, begin typing and select the name of your recipient. Or, specify the email address of an external user who you want to share with.
      2. Select from the following options:
        • Send public link: Includes a button in the email notification that directs users to the proof within the proofing viewer they are using and grants View access.
        • Send download link: Includes a button in the email notification that directs users to a download page, which provides file details, file name, and file size, with the file displayed inline. Users can click the Download link from the download page to download the file.
        • Add custom message: Allows you to specify a custom subject and body for the email notification. 
      3. Click Send.
        Depending on the information you selected to include, users receive an email notification with information about the proof and the buttons you chose to include.

Adding Users to a Proof

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You can add any Workfront user to the proof if you have Edit rights on the proof. If the proof has multiple stages, you add the user to an individual stage.

By default, users you add to the proof:

When Automated Workflow is enabled and you add a user to the proof who does not have proofing enabled in Workfront, a new stage is created within the Automated Workflow. The user who you are adding is automatically added to this new stage when they view the proof for the first time. (For more information, see "Understanding Automated Workflows.")

Adding Users to a New Proof

  1. Begin the process for generating a proof on a document or website in Workfront, as described in "Generating Proofs in Workfront."
  2. Configure the proof as described in the section "Workflow" in the article "Configuring Proofs in Workfront."

Adding Users to an Existing Proof from the Documents Tab

  1. If a proof has not already been generated for the document in Workfront, generate it as described in "Generating a Proof on an Existing Document" in "Generating Proofs in Workfront." 
  2. Select the document that contains the proof that you want to add users to.
  3. On the Details tab, under Proofing, click Details to open the Proofing Details box.
  4. If the proof does not have an automated workflow (stages), click the More icon in the upper-right corner of the Stage 1 section, then click Share in the drop-down menu.
    If the proof does have an automated workflow, click the More icon in the upper-right corner of the stage where you want to add the reviewer, then click Share in the drop-down menu.
  5. In the Share this version box that appears, under Share, begin typing the name or email address of a user who you want to share the proof with, then click the name when it appears in the drop-down list.
  6. (Optional) Repeat this step to add multiple users to the proof.
  7. (Optional) Set a deadline for the reviewers.
  8. (Optional) Make sure Notify people by email is selected if you want to let the reviewers know you have added them to the proof.
    You can Add a custom message to this email.
  9. When you have added all the reviewers, click Share.

Adding Users to an Existing Proof from the Proofing Viewer

You can add users to a proof while you review a proof in the Web Proofing Viewer and in the Desktop Proofing Viewer.

For more information, see "Adding Individual Users to a Proof" in the article "Sharing a Proof in the Proofing Viewer."

Reporting on Proofing Approvals

You can create a report that reports on the proofing approvals that have been shared within Workfront. This report provides the following proof approval information in your system:

  • Document that was submitted for approval
  • Name of the approver
  • Proof version
  • Proof ID
  • Proof creation date

You access this approval when creating a report based on an object, as described in the "Creating a Report Using the Report Builder" section in "Creating a Report."

For more information about the Proof Approvals object report, see the "Reporting On Objects" section in "Understanding Objects."

Approving a Shared Proof 

When a user adds you to a proof and grants either the Approver role or the Reviewer & Approver role (either from the stand-alone Workfront Proof application or by using Automated Workflow within Workfront), the approval request is displayed on the Approvals tab in your My Work area. You can then view the proof and make an approval decision on the proof directly from Workfront.

For information about how to make approval decisions from the My Work area, see "Approving Work from the My Work Area" in "Approving Work."

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