Viewing the Progress and Status of a Proof

The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

NOTE: You can view the progress and status of a proof only if the following criteria are met. If you cannot use proofing as discussed in this section, contact your system administrator.

  • Your Workfront environment is integrated with a Workfront Proof Premium account.
  • You are a user with a Plan, Work, or Review license.
  • You are a proofing user.
    In the Preview environment, users do not need to be proofing users in order to view proof progress.

The following sections provide detailed information about proof progress and status, and how to view this information:

Understanding Progress and Status

Understanding Proof Progress

Proof progress indicates the progress of a proof from the time the proof is sent to reviewers, to the time a decision is made by the reviewers.

Proof progress is represented by the progress icons and colors.

Proof progress is tracked at the following levels:

  • Individual: Tracked for each of the collaborators.
  • Stage: Calculated from individual progress bars.
  • General: Calculated from all lower levels.

By default, the overall progress of the proof is driven by the “worst-case” participant. For example, there are four reviewers and approvers on a proof, each of them needing to make a decision. If three of the reviewers have made their decision but the fourth reviewer has not, the overall progress bar for the proof does not show the letter D in green, because of the outstanding decision.

If the Primary Decision Maker setting is selected on a proof and the primary decision maker submits a decision, the D in the proof progress bar turns green for all reviewers because no other decisions are required.

Similarly, if the Only One Decision Required setting is selected on a proof and any reviewer submits a decision, the D in the proof progress bar turns green for all reviewers because no other decisions are required

Progress Icon Descriptions

The following table lists the progress icons (letters) used in the progress bar and their meaning:

Progress Icon



The proof has been sent to reviewers.


Either the Proof details page has been opened or the proof itself has been opened in the Proof Viewer.

Comments made

Comments have been made on the proof.

If there are no reviewers (users who can make comments) designated for the proof, the C icon does not appear in the progress bar.

Decision made

A decision has been made on the proof.

If there are no approvers (decision makers) designated for the proof, the D icon does not appear in the progress bar. 

Progress Icon Colors

The following table lists the colors used in the progress bar and their meaning:




Not complete.


Not complete and deadline is less than 24 hours


Not complete and passed deadline




Understanding Proof Status

The proof status displays the status of decisions that are required for the proof.

The standard status options are as follows:

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Approved with Changes
  • Changes Required
  • Not Relevant. 

If you have set up custom decisions in your account, the status options reflect your custom decision settings.

The status of the proof is driven by the “worst case” participant. For example, suppose there are three decisions on the proof: two have the status of Accepted and one has the status of Rejected. The "worst case" decision of Rejected over-rules the other decisions and the overall status of the proof is shown as Rejected

Viewing Proof Progress and Status

You can view the progress and status of proofs for individual documents. Or, you can see proof approval information for all documents that you submit for approval.

Viewing Proof Progress from the Document List

You can view proof progress directly from the document list.

  1. Navigate to the document list that contains the proofs where you want to view progress.
    The proof progress bar is displayed for each proof in the document list.

Viewing Proof Progress and Status for an Individual Document

  1. If a proof has not already been generated for the document in Workfront, generate a proof, as described in "Generating a Proof on an Existing Document" in "Creating a New Proof." 

  2. Select the document that contains the proof for which you want to view progress and status.

  3. In the Details tab, locate the Proofing section.

  4. Click Details for more detailed information, such as the names of each approver, their role, and so forth.
    The Proofing Details dialog box is displayed. 

  5. You can complete any of the following actions from the Proofing Details page:
  6. Click Done.

Viewing Proof Approval Information for All Documents You Submit for Approval

You can view information about proofs that you have submitted for approval. Proof approval information is displayed in the My Work area only while the proof is pending approval. 

For information about how to view information about proof approvals in the My Work area, see see "Reviewing Work You Submit for Approval" in "Viewing Approvals.


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