Importing SAML Federation Users into Workfront

If you have an existing Workfront system that is already populated with users, you can import the users' Federated IDs into Workfront via SAML.

Complete the following sections to import users' SAML federation IDs into Workfront:

Exporting User Information from Workfront

  1. In Workfront, click People in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the People subtab.
  3. Create a customized view that includes the User ID column. Create the view so that it contains only User ID (column 1) and User name (column 2).
    For more information on creating customized views, see "Custom Views"
  4. Create a customized filter for Active Users only. (User is Active = True)
    For more information on creating customized filters, see "Creating and Customizing Filters."
  5. Export the view, as described in "Exporting Data."
    Export into Excel and save the document containing the active user's user IDs (GUIDs) and user names. 
  6. Continue with "Creating the CSV File."

Creating the CSV File 

  1. In the Excel document that you exported from Workfront, ensure that user IDs are in column 1 and user names are in column 2.
  2. Delete the header row.
  3. Insert a column between the original columns.
  4. Input Federation IDs into the column you created in Step 3. Use the Name column to aid in matching IDs with users. After all of the data is entered, the Name column can be deleted.
  5. Save CSV file.
  6. Continue with "Importing the CSV File into Workfront."

Importing the CSV File into Workfront

  1. Click Setup in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Expand System, then click Update Users for SSO.
  3. Click Edit Settings and then click Choose File. Browse to and select the CSV file that you modified.
  4. Click Save.
    All of the users Federation IDs are imported into Workfront. 
  5. (Conditional) The Update Users for SSO process automatically enables the Only Allow SAML 2.0 Authentication option for each user.
    If you do not want each user to have the option enabled to allow only SSO authentication, after you run the process to update users for SSO, you must:
    1. Bulk edit the users for whom you want to disable this option.
      For more information on bulk editing, see "Bulk Editing."
    2. In the Access section, select Only Allow SAML 2.0 Authentication, then select No from the drop-down menu.