Adding a Bubble Chart to a Report

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Bubble Charts are a way of reviewing multiple pieces​ of information in one report. 

Bubble charts are located under the Reporting > New Report > Chart tab> Chart Type >Bubble.


  • X-axis, y-axis, bubble size, and bubbles are required fields.
  • X-axis and y-axis are value fields that exist in the view created. They define the coordinates of the bubble on the chart.
  • Bubble Size is a value field as well, and the value you select will determine the size of the bubbles.
  • Bubbles can be a grouping you define in the report. It must be an object name (e.g. Project Name, Task Name, Assign To Name, etc.)
  • Bubble Color can be a grouping you define in the report, but it can only be fields from the object you selected as Bubbles. If you selected Task Name, you can add Task Status, but not Project Status, for example