Saving Default Reports as New Reports


Workfront comes with a set of default reports that are common to all customers.

You cannot edit, delete, or share a default report. You can save it as a new report, which creates a copy of the original. You can then edit and share the copied report. 

Understanding Access to the Default Reports

Users with a Plan or Worker license can view the default reports by default. As a system administrator, you can enable users with a Request or Reviewer license to also view the default reports. If you want users with a Request or Reviewer license to see only a select number of default reports, you can share copies of the default reports with them, and not the actual default reports.

Only users with a Plan license can copy and modify a default report, or can build a report from scratch. 

Saving Default Reports as New Reports

Saving a default report as a new report:

  1. Navigate to the Reports area in the Global Navigation Bar. 
  2. Click All Reports.
  3. Apply the Report List View to the list of reports.
    If the Entered By column in this view is empty, the report is most likely a default report. 
    NOTE If the user that builds a report is deleted from the system, the Entered By column is empty in the Report List view. We do not recommend deleting users from the system. We recommend that you deactivate them instead. For more information about deleting and deactivating users, see "Deleting Users."
  4. Click the name of a default report to open it.
  5. Click Report Actions
  6. Click Edit.
  7. Make any modifications you need to in the following tabs of the report:
    - Columns (View). For more information about customizing views, see "Creating and Customizing Views."
    - Groupings. For more information about customizing groupings, see "Creating and Customizing Groupings."
    - Filters. For more information about customizing filters, see "Creating and Customizing Filters."
    - Chart. For more information about customizing a report chart, see "Creating Chart Reports."
  8. Click Report Settings.
  9. In the Report Title field, give the report a new name. 
  10. Click Done.
  11. Click Save as New Report.
    The copied report can now be further modified and shared with other users. 


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This article last updated on 2019-02-15 11:48:32 UTC