Sharing Reports


Workfront allows you to share the reports that you create with anyone in your organization.

You can share reports with individuals, teams, or job roles. You can also share them with an entire company or make them public. Making a report public generates a URL that can be shared with others. 

You can share any reports that you have created:

  1. Navigate to the report that you created that you want to share.
  2. Click Report Actions in the upper-right corner, then click Sharing.

  3. In the Give report access to field, specify the name of the user, team, role, group, or company who you want to share the report with, then press 'Enter.'
  4. To adjust the level of access, click View next to the user's name, then choose one of the following options:
    • View it: User has access to view the report.
      Click Advanced Settings to select whether the user has access to share the report.
    • Manage it: Users have full access to the report (edit and so forth), minus administrative rights which are granted at the access level, plus all View permissions.
      Click Advanced Settings to select whether the user has access to share and delete the report.
  5. (Optional) Click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the sharing dialog box, then select either of the following options:
    • Make this public to external users: Select this option to generate a URL that can be shared with others. Anyone with the URL can access the report, without having a Workfront license.
      NOTE If the report has a prompt and you share it publicly, the users running the report must be logged in to Workfront to be able to run the report using the prompt. If they cannot log in to Workfront, they will see the report without the prompt applied to it. For more information about limitations of sharing reports with prompts, see the "Limitations of Running Publicly Shared Prompted Reports" section in "Working with Prompts."
    • Make this visible system-wide: Select this option to allow all users in the system to use the report.
      NOTE Users with a Request license cannot view system-wide reports. Reports must be shared with the Requestors individually if they must view the reports. 
  6. Click Save


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This article last updated on 2018-06-04 16:48:44 UTC