Removing or Archiving a Proof

You can either remove a proof from Workfront, or archive it.

Removing or archiving a proof on a document does not free up a proof license for your organization. To prevent proofs from generating on unwanted documents, cancel them when you upload the document. For more information about canceling proofs, see "Canceling Proofs." 

Removing a Proof

To remove a proof from a document in Workfront:

  1. Delete the document, as described in "Deleting Documents." 
    When you delete a document, the proof associated with the document is also deleted.
  2. Re-add the document to Workfront, using any of the methods described in "Adding Documents to Workfront." Ensure that you do not include the proof when adding the document. 

Archiving and Unarchiving a Proof

A proof is automatically archived when it is not opened for 60 consecutive days.

To access an archived proof:

  1. Navigate to the document that contains the archived proof that you want to access.
    After a proof has been archived, the document in Workfront still indicates that a proof exists, the same way as it did prior to the proof being archived (a check mark is displayed next to the 'Proof' link). 
  2. Click Proof.
    A page is displayed, explaining that the proof has been archived.
  3. Click Unarchive to unarchive the proof.
  4. Refresh the browser, then click Proof again.
    The proof is displayed.


This article last updated on 2019-03-03 00:49:27 UTC