Advanced Options when Printing a Gantt Chart


Advanced Options consist of fields and features that can be included when printing a Legacy Gantt Chart in Workfront. 


The Field Data options let you select the fields from the chart to print, such as the Name of the task or the Status. Select the fields you want (use the Control/Command key to select multiple fields or the Shift key to select a series of contiguous fields.) These are the fields that will be printed. Custom Data fields can be included. If you change your mind, simply deselect the fields. Make sure to save your changes before selecting 'Print.' 

The 'Chart Indicators' determine what timeline indicators you want to show in the PDF. The available indicators are:

  • Assignments
  • Critical Paths
  • Percent Complete
  • Predecessor Lines
  • Projected Timelines
  • Show Milestones as Date Markers (vertical lines)
  • Show Milestones as Diamonds

To select the indicator, click the name. For example, if you select Predecessors, the lines showing the predecessors between tasks will appear in the PDF of the Gantt chart.


By default all tasks will be printed.