Understanding Document Permissions

 Understanding Document Permissions

Your system administrator grants users access to view or edit documents when they assign access levels. 

Along with the access level that users are granted, you can also grant them permissions to View or Manage specific documents that you have access to Share. 

When you share documents with users, you cannot give them permissions that are higher than their access level.
For more information about granting access to tasks, see "Understanding Document Access."
The access a user receives for documents in their access levels is the same for Document Folders. 

Permissions are specific to one item in Workfront and define what actions one can take on that item.
The user who uploads a document to Workfront has Manage permissions to it, by default.

Sharing a Document

Consider the following when sharing a document:

  • Sharing a document is similar to sharing any other object in Workfront.
    For more information about sharing objects in Workfront, see "Sharing Permissions on Objects."
    IMPORTANT You cannot share documents in bulk. You can only share documents individually.
  • You can grant the following permissions to documents:
    • View
    • Manage
  • You can also share a document publicly or system-wide.
  • You can share a document with someone who does not have a Workfront account, by adding their email address in the Give document access to: field. 
  • When you share a document, users have the same access to all the document versions and all the document proofs. 
    For more information about proofing in Workfront, see the "Proofing" section. 
  • You can inherit permissions to documents from the objects they are associated with. Your system administrator can restrict the inheritance of permissions for documents in your access level. 
    For more information about restricting inherited permissions on documents, see "Creating or Modifying Access Levels."
    You can manually remove inherited permissions on documents. 
    For more information about removing inherited permissions from objects, see "Sharing Permissions on Objects."

Document Permissions

The following table displays what permissions you can grant users when allowing them to View or Manage documents:





Edit Document Details  
Add Approvers  
Approve Document
Attach Custom Form  
Edit Custom Fields  
Move to (object)  
Send To (integration)  
Updates/ Comments
Upload new version  
Delete Version  
View Document(s)
Generate Proof**  
Remove Proof**  
Share System-wide*  
Share Documents Publicly*  
Share with an external email address  
Link (with integration)
Unlink (with integration)  

* Action is shared by both Documents and Document Folders.

**You must have a separate proofing license associated with your Workfront account to be able to proof documents. Contact your account manager about acquiring a proofing license.
For more information about proofing in Workfront, see the "Proofing" section. 


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