Portfolio Permissions


This section provides an overview of the Portfolio permissions available in Workfront. 

Portfolio Access controls both Portfolios and Program permissions. Portfolio and Program rights are controlled through sharing. The owner has default access and needs to share access with users through manage or view permissions. When sharing, owners determine the level of access users have to the object. The table below displays the permissions and their actions for Portfolio functions​. 


Access is also controlled through object hierarchy. If the user already has permission on the source object, like a portfolio, those permissions will transfer to the program.  

It is important to keep in mind that some permissions (e.g. document folders, projects, and the Portfolio Optimizer) are tied to permissions on that specific object.

Portfolio and Program Permission

Actions Manage View
Create Program/Portfolio  
Edit Program/Portfolio Details  
View Portfolio/ Program
Delete Portfolio  
Attach Custom Form  
Edit Custom Fields  
Add/Remove Projects*  
Approve Projects  
Portfolio Optimization*  
Add Document Folders*
Add Documents
Share System-Wide  

* These permissions are controlled by the Access Level and permissions of the project. 



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