Understanding Permissions on Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars


Understanding Permissions on Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars

Your system administrator grants users access to view or edit reports when they assign access levels. The access level for reports also manages the access for dashboards and calendars. 
For more information about granting access to reports, dashboards, and calendars, see "Understanding Access to Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars."

Along with the access level that users are granted, you can also grant them permissions to View or Manage specific reports, dashboards, or calendars that you have access to Share. 

When you share reports, dashboards, or calendars with users, you cannot give them permissions that are higher than their access level.
For example, a Worker cannot create reports, dashboards, or calendars according to their access level, therefore, you cannot give them Manage rights to these objects. 

Permissions are specific to one item in Workfront and define what actions one can take on that item.
The creator of a report, dashboard, or calendar has Manage permissions to them, by default.

Sharing a Report, Dashboard, or Calendar

Consider the following when sharing a report, dashboard, or calendar:

  • Sharing reports, dashboards, and calendars is similar to sharing any other object in Workfront.
    For more information about sharing objects in Workfront, see "Sharing Permissions on Objects."
    For more information about sharing reports, see "Sharing Reports."
  • You can share reports and dashboards individually, or you can share them in bulk.
    You can share calendars only individually. You cannot share them in bulk.
  • You cannot share built-in system reports. You can only share custom reports. 
    For more information about saving a system report as a new custom report, see "Saving a Default Report as a New Report."
  • You can grant the following permissions to reports, dashboards, and calendars:
    • View
    • Manage
  • When you share a dashboard, users inherit the same permissions to all the reports, calendars, and external pages on the dashboard, by default.
  • You can remove inherited permissions from a report or calendar.
    For more information about removing inherited permissions from objects, see "Sharing Permissions on Objects."

Report, Calendar, or Dashboard Permissions

The following table displays what permissions you can grant users when allowing them to View or Manage a report, dashboard, or calendar: 

Actions Manage View
Create Public Link*    ✓
Share System-wide    ✓

* This action is not available for dashboards. It is available only for reports and calendars.

*** This is linked to: Creating Dashboards, Working with Calendars. 

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