Understanding Template Permissions

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Provides an overview of template permissions available in Workfront. 


Only users with Plan license can view or manage project templates create a project.  

The table below shows what actions users can share when providing permission to template functions. 

Template Sharing

This actions allows users to grant permission to others to access a template. Once a user has access to a template, they can apply it to projects they are working on or creating. As a owner they are responsible for sharing permission to other users.

Template Project Sharing 

Using Template Project Sharing, defines who has permission and what kind of permissions when the template is next used. 


  • Default access is set when: a project is created,system admin sets user access levels, or using the project access template.
  • Sharing a template requires defining the access rights for the created project. 
  • If a user’s default access to a project is view but granted Manage via Template sharing, they will have Manage access each time the template is used. 
  • When attaching or saving a template, the user can clear the project sharing rules. 

Template Permissions

Actions Manage  View
Template Details
View Template
Share System-wide