Administrative Access


The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

As a system administrator, you can identify users to be administrators of Workfront, by assigning them the System Administrator access level.​
By default, a system administrator has access to everything in Workfront.
For information on how to grant someone full administrator access, see the "Granting Full System Administrator Access to Users" section in "Granting Full Administrator Access vs Granting Administrative Rights to Users."

If you want certain users to manage only certain areas of Workfront, you can grant them administrative access to those areas. Only users with a Plan license can be assigned administrative access.

To allow a Plan license user administrative access to certain areas of Workfront:

  1. Click Setup in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click Access Levels.
  3. Select the Planner access level and click Copy.
  4. Rename your copy of the Planner access level.
  5. Locate the Allow administrative access for... section.
  6. Check any boxes as you need to allow for administrative access.
    Depending on the area you choose, users with administrative access can:
    • Approval Processes: Create and manage global approval processes.
      Without this access, users can create only ad-hoc approval processes on items they have access to manage.
    • Companies: Add new and edit existing Companies in Workfront.
      Without this access, users can only view existing Companies.
    • Custom forms in my group: Manage all custom forms within their group.
      This allows the user to create new custom forms, as well.
      Without this access, users can only attach existing forms to the objects they have access to contribute or manage.
    • Exchange rates: Add new currency in Workfront.
      Without this access, the user can only add an existing currency to a project they create.
    • Expenses: View all expenses on objects in Workfront.
      This does not allow the user to create new Expense Types.
      Without this access, the user can only view:
      • Expenses on projects, tasks or issues they manage.
      • Their own expenses
      • The expenses of their subordinates.
    • Job roles: Edit existing job roles or add new ones.
      Without this access, users can only view existing job roles.
    • Milestones in my group: View all the milestone paths in the system under the Milestone Paths menu in Setup. Users can also edit or delete any milestone paths belonging to any of their groups. Users cannot manage (edit or delete) the milestone paths that are not assigned to any of their of groups.
      Without this access, users can only view existing milestone paths and apply them to projects they have access to manage.
    • Reminder notifications: Create and mange reminder notifications in Workfront.
      Without this access, users are limited to receiving and viewing notifications.
    • Resource pools: Manage existing resource pools, create new ones, and use the Capacity Planner.
      Without this access, users can only assign resource pools to projects they can manage.
      This option is removed from the Preview environment. You can give administrative access to Resource Pools in the Preview environment by granting Edit access to Resource Management. For information about the Resource Management access level, see "Understanding Resource Management Access."
    • Timesheets & hours: Group Administrators can assign Timesheet Profiles to users in the groups and subgroups they manage.
      Without this option enabled Group Administrators cannot assign Timesheet Profiles to other users in the groups and subgroups they manage, although they can create them.
      All other users with a Plan license can view all hours and timesheets in Workfront.
      Without this option enabled, all users can only view hours on:
      • Projects, tasks or issues they manage.
      • Their own timesheet.
      • A timesheet of someone that reports to them.
      • A timesheet they approve.
  7. Click Save Changes. 
    Assign the new access level to a user.
    For information on how you assign an access level to a user, refer to "Creating New Users".

NOTE You can allow users to have administrative access to users. For more information about giving users administrative access to users so they can manage user accounts, see "Access Needed to Edit Users."

The Plan license user now has administrative access around the areas you picked.

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