Understanding Financial Access

Understanding Access in Workfront

For more information about the access model in Workfront, see "Understanding the Workfront Access Model."

Understanding Financial Access in Workfront

Financial access in Workfront is first defined by the system administrator through your Access Level. 

For more information about what access each Access Level has and to what objects, see "Access Levels by License Type."
For more information about granting access to items in Workfront, including financial information, see "Creating or Modifying Access Levels."

The access granted to Financial Data in the Access Level works together with permissions to Finances on a specific project to give users their rights to the financial data of the project. 
For more information about permissions on finances, see "Understanding Financial Permissions."

Not all License Types have full access to Financial Data in Workfront. A user with a Plan license has full access to Financial Data. 

To grant full access to Financial Data: 

  1. Navigate to the Setup area in your Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click Access Levels.
  3. Click Planner.
  4. For the Financial Data object, click the gear icon next to Edit.
  5. Select from the following options:
    • Edit Role Billing & Cost Rates
    • Edit User Billing & Cost Rates
      Editing Billing and Cost Rates are deselected by default.
    • View Role Billing & Cost Rates
    • View User Billing & Cost Rates
      Viewing Billing and Cost Rates are selected by default. 
  6. (Optional) In the Allow administrative access for ... area, select the following options:
    • Exchange rates: When this option is selected, users can modify the Exchange rate of the system. All Plan license users can modify the currency of their projects.
    • Expenses: When this option is deselected, users can only see:
      • their own expenses
      • the expenses for projects and tasks they manage
      • the expenses of users who report to them.
  7. Click Save Changes and assign the Access Level to a user. 
    For more information about assigning Access Levels to users, see "Editing User Accounts."

Understanding Financial Access by License Type

The table below identifies actions that an administrator assigns to each license type around Financial Data. 

Actions Plan Work Review Request External
Manage Billing Records        
Manage/ View Role Billing and Cost Rates        
Manage/ View User Billing and Cost Rates        
Manage Expenses      
View Finance    


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