Understanding Project Access

A review of project access available in Workfront for each license type. 

Users with a plan license have the greatest access to manage projects in Workfront. Users with a work license have access to projects, but mostly edit and update project items. Users with Request and Review licenses are able to only view project information. Those with a request license can also view projects converted from issues, but will have limited access. The creator of an object is responsible for sharing the object with others and indicating the type of access they will have through permissions. The project table provided below shows what actions administrators can grant for each license type.

This image displays access level options for a user with a Plan license. Plan license users who manage projects can have preset sharing values. These values save time for project managers as projects will automatically be shared based on the rules associated with their access level. 


Users 'Copying A Project' may only do so if their access level provides access to create a project. 

Actions by License Type


(Access Level)





(No Access)

Add Custom Form        
Update Custom Fields      
Add an Approval Process        
Approve A Project    
Create Project        
Add Document(s)    
Add Issue(s)      
Add Task(s)      
Copy Project        
Delete Project        
Share Project      
Share System-wide        
View Project  
Give Updates/ Comments    
Change Status        
Log Hours      
Edit Assignments      
Manage Baseline        
Manage Risks        
Manage Finance        
Add/Edit Expenses      
View Finance    
Attach Template        
Save as Template        
Add/Edit Business Case        
Edit Project Details        
Edit Staffing        
Export to MS Project    
Recalculate Finance/Timeline        
Set Queue Properties        

 * Work licenses have limited project rights. They can contribute to a project, but not manage one.  

**Review license users are granted view rights on projects from converted issues, but their view rights are limited.