Understanding Access to Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars

Understanding Access in Workfront

For more information about the access model in Workfront, see "Understanding the Workfront Access Model."

Understanding Access to Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars in Workfront

Access to reports is similar to access to dashboards and calendars. This access also includes access to External Pages. 
For more information about External Pages, see "Embedding External Web Pages into Dashboards."

Access to reports in Workfront is first defined by the system administrator through your Access Level. 
For more information about what access each Access Level has and to what objects, see "Access Levels by License Type."
For more information about granting access to items in Workfront, including reports, see "Creating or Modifying Access Levels."

The access granted to reports, dashboards, and calendars in the Access Level works together with permissions to a specific report, dashboard, or calendar to give users their rights to these items. 
For more information about permissions on reports, dashboards, and calendars, see "Understanding Permissions on Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars."

Not all Access Levels can be granted full access to reports. Users with a Plan license can have full access to reports. All other Access Levels have access to View reports. 

To grant full access to Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars: 

  1. Navigate to the Setup area in your Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click Access Levels.
  3. Click Planner.
  4. For the Reports, Documents, Calendars object, click the gear icon next to Edit.
  5. The following options are enabled by default:
    • Create
    • Delete
    • View Built-In Reports: This needs to be selected to see reports built by Workfront.
    • Share
    • Share Reports Publicly: Reports can be shared publicly, by sharing a public link to the report with anyone that does not have a Workfront account. This option must be selected to allow for this level of sharing. 
    • Share System-wide: Reports can be shared with everyone in the system who has a Workfront license. This option must be selected to allow for this level of sharing.
      For information about sharing reports, dashboards, and calendars, see "Understanding Permissions on Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars."
  6. Click Save Changes and assign the Access Level to a user. 
    For more information about assigning Access Levels to users, see "Editing User Accounts."

Understanding Access to Reports, Dashboards, and Calendars by License Type

The following table shows access for Reports, Calendars, and Dashboards by License Type: 


(Access Level)






Create Public Link*        
Share System-wide        

* This action is not shared with dashboards, only calendars and reports.  

**Requestors can only View reports that have been shared with them. 

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