Understanding User Access


This article refers to the access details for the user object for each license type.

Access Needed to Edit Users


A user who is not a system administrator can edit other users, according to the specifications below. However, a user cannot give another user an access higher than their own. 

Any of the following users can create and edit other users:

  • System Administrator.
  • A user with a Plan license who also has administrative access to users.
    Users who are granted 'User Admin' access in their access level can edit all users in the Workfront system.
    Only the Plan license allows for this access.
    Users that are restricted to see only users from their company or the primary company only have access to edit users they can see. For more information about restricting users from seeing other users based on companies, see "Creating or Modifying Access Levels."

  • A user with a Plan license who is also specified as the manager of another user. 
    Users who are granted 'Edit' access to users in their access level can manage users who report to them. To understand who is the direct manager of a user, refer to the Organization Chart.
  • A user with a Plan license who created a user can deactivate, delete or edit the user they created. 

For more information about creating new users, see "Creating New Users."

Access Needed to View Users

By default all users are able to view other user contact information in Workfront. However, system administrators can limit this function.

External Users Access to View Users

External users are not able to view contact information. All users can have editing rights for their limited profile. The table provided below shows how each license type can create and manage users in Workfront.  

Actions on the User Object by License Type


(Access Level)







User Admin
(All Users)

View User  

*Will have the ability to search for users. 


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