Reviewing Requested Projects

When multiple project requests are submitted for review, the project management office or portfolio committee can meet to review submitted requests and determine project approvals. To submit a project request for review, simply change the project status to 'Requested' and save the change.

Submitted project requests are generally associated with a portfolio. They can be found on the Requested Projects subtab on a portfolio. 

Requested projects can be reviewed and approved from the portfolio. By selecting the desired project request in the portfolio, users are directed to the project. Navigating to the business case will allow users to review the project request summary. Upon review, the request can either be approved or rejected.

When a project is approved or rejected, the status is changed to reflect the decision.  Users can edit individual projects to change the project status to something else. All approved projects will be moved under the Approved Projects tab, and all rejected projects will be moved to under the 'Rejected Projects' tab within a portfolio.