Portfolio Optimizer Score

The optimizer score is found in the portfolio optimizer. The score produced through the optimizer tool is a gauge to assist in the prioritization of projects. The values in the portfolio are based on values entered into the business case and are used to select the most strategic initiatives for the portfolio.

The score for each project is calculated based on the importance of five prioritization categories:

  1. Cost
  2. Alignment
  3. Value
  4. Risk to Benefit
  5. ROI

As the degree of importance for each criteria is changed, the score gauge fluctuates for each project. After the correct weights have been set for the score gauge, the list of projects is sorted by the score column. The project with the highest score is displayed at the top of the list. The projects may be now be prioritized by selecting the 'Set Priority' button.

Each component of the business case must be complete in order for the project to be scored by the optimization tool.