Understanding the Portfolio Optimizer Score and Optimizing in the Portfolio Optimizer

Understanding the Portfolio Optimizer Score of a Project

The optimizer score is found in the Portfolio Optimizer and it is shown in the Score column for every project

For more information about locating the Portfolio Optimizer, see "Understanding the Portfolio Optimizer."

There is a difference between the alignment score and the portfolio optimizer score of a project. 

The alignment score of a project is calculated based on the points obtained after completing the scorecard. This score is then used to determine the portfolio alignment score. The alignment score is displayed as a percentage. 
The alignment score of a project displays in the Alignment column of the Portfolio Optimizer. 

For more information about generating the alignment score of a project, see "Applying a Scorecard to a Project and Generating an Alignment Score."

The portfolio optimizer score is a ranking automatically calculated in the Portfolio Optimizer by which projects can be prioritized. The portfolio optimizer score is displayed as an indicator icon accompanied by a number and it displays in the Score column of the Portfolio Optimizer. 

NOTE A project can be scored in the Portfolio Optimizer only if its Business Case has been completed. For more information about completing a Business Case, see "Creating a Business Case."

The score for each project is calculated based on the importance of the following categories:

  • Cost
  • Alignment
  • Net Value
  • Risk to Benefit
  • ROI

The algorithm for calculating the scores takes in to consideration the values outlined in the Business Cases of the projects and the weights they carry. It gives every project in the optimizer a score and normalizes that score so there is always a project with a score of 100. This gives a high score to the best project. For example, if you make higher alignment the only factor to consider, the project with the highest alignment gets the score of 100.

The score produced through the optimizer tool is a ranking to assist in the prioritization of projects. The values in the portfolio are based on values entered into the business cases of the projects and are used to calculate a score for the project. Projects with a higher score could be considered of greater importance and they could be prioritized to be completed first.

Mouse over the ranking icon to see the portfolio optimizer score for a project.


Optimizing in the Portfolio Optimizer

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Optimizer.
  2. Click the  Optimize icon.
    The categories by which a project can be scored are displayed.
  3. Using the sliding triangle, modify the optimization of any of the following categories:
    • Low Cost?
    • High Alignment?
    • High Value?
    • Low Risk to Benefit?
    • High ROI?
      As the degree of importance for each cateory is changed, the score ranking for each project fluctuates.
  4. After the correct weights have been set for the Score column, click the header of the Score column to sort by this column. The project with the highest score is displayed at the top of the list.
  5. (Optional) Drag and drop projects in the order of your priority.
    This will change the order of the projects in the Portfolio Optimizer.
  6. (Optional) Click Set Priority to save the new priority of the projects.
    For more information about prioritizing projects in the Portfolio Optimizer, see "Prioritizing Projects in the Portfolio Optimizer."
  7. Click Save to save your Portfolio Optimizer.   
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