Understanding the Portfolio Subtab of a Project

The Portfolio subtab resides on the Project Details tab. The information on this tab comes from the Portfolio and the Business Case. With the exception of the Alignment Score, all fields can be updated on the Portfolio and Business Case subtabs.

To view the Portfolio subtab, you need View permissions to the project. To edit the Portfolio subtab, you need Manage permissions to the project.

Fields on the Portfolio subtab include:

Portfolio: Identifies which portfolio is associated with the project.  

Program: Identifies which program is associated with the project. This field appears only when the portfolio has programs.

Alignment Score: The score based on the values input to the scorecard in the Business Case. This field does not appear while in edit mode. 
For more information on this field, see "Applying a Scorecard to a Project and Generating an Alignment Score."

Planned Benefit: The planned financial benefit gained upon completion of the project. 

Actual Benefit:  The actual financial benefit gained upon completion of the project. 


This article last updated on 2018-07-03 18:18:20 UTC