Calculated Work Duration Type

Understanding the Calculated Work Duration Type

Calculated Work is a Duration Type that can be set on a task in Workfront.

Calculated Work determines the amount of effort (Planned Hours) needed for the task to be completed. Calculated work is normally used when the resources assigned to the task are allocated for the entire duration of the task.

As resources are added to a task, a project manager can expect to see the planned effort increase. To illustrate, a one-hour planning meeting with three resources represents three total hours of work required, and a one-hour planning meeting with ten resources represents ten hours of work required.

Understanding The Formula

Following is a simplified formula of how calculated work is determined by Workfront, assuming all resources are 100% allocated to the task.

Simplified Formula

Work Required = (Duration of the task in hours) x (The number of resources assigned to the task)

Because each assigned resource may have a unique level of allocation, the actual formula takes these values into account and becomes increasingly more complex as it accounts for these variations.

Actual Formula

Work Required = SUM(Duration of the task in hours) x (Percent allocated towards tasks for each resource.)

Understanding The Effect Of Resources

When adding or removing assignees to a task with the Calculated Work duration type, Duration can be manually edited. As assignees are added or removed from the task, the Planned Hours changes.

In the following example, the Typical Hours per Work Day is set to 8 in the Project Preferences in Setup. Each task has a Duration of 1 day. As the number of assignees changes, the Planned Hours changes based on the number of assignees on a given task:

Number of Assignees (each 100% allocated)


Planned Hours


1 Day

8 Hours

(1 Day x 8 Hours per Work Day x 1 Assignee = 8 Planned Hours)


1 Day

16 Hours

(1 Day x 8 Hours per Work Day x 2 Assignees = 16 Planned Hours)


1 Day

24 Hours

(1 Day x 8 Hours per Work Day x 3 Assignees = 24 Planned Hours)

In the following example, each assignee is 100% allocated to the Calculated Work task.

Changing The Duration Type Of A Task To Calculated Work

  1. In the task list, click the name of the task for which you want to change the Duration Type.
  2. On the Task Details tab, ensure that Overview is selected, then click Edit Overview.
  3. In the Duration Type drop-down menu, select Calculated Work.
  4. Click Save.

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