Creating Advanced Assignments

You can adjust certain aspects of an assignment to a task or issue by using Advanced Assignments. 

NOTE You must have a Plan or a Work license and have at least Contribute permissions to a task or an issue to be able to make assignments to the task or the issue. 

You can adjust the following assignment information:

  • Assign additional users to the task or issue (this can be accomplished outside of an advanced assignment).
  • Adjust and redistribute the number of hours each assignee is allocated.
  • Determine which user should be designated as the owner of the task or issue.
  • Specify which role each user is functioning under when working on the task or issue.

To create an advanced assignment:

  1. Navigate to the task or issue list that contains the task where you want to make advanced assignments.
  2. Click the task or issue name to navigate to the Details page, then click Edit Assignment.
    NOTE The Edit Assignment link doesn't display if the status is set to New.
  3. Click Make Advanced Assignments.
  4. In the Assignee field, begin typing the name of a user, then click the name when it appears in the drop-down list.
    NOTE If the user's name contains a special character, you must include the special character in the search field. 
  5. (Optional) Click Add Assignee to assign multiple users to the task or issue.
  6. For each user in the Assignee column, specify the following information:
    Hours: Specify the number of hours each user should be assigned to the task or issue. The sum of all assigned hours for each user is equal to the number in the Planned Hours field at the bottom of the Hours column. 
    Alternatively, you can specify a number in the Planned Hours field. The number you specify is divided evenly among the assignees.
    Task Owner: Select this option in the row of the user who should function as the owner of the task or issue.
    Assignee's Role: Select the role the user should use when fulfilling this assignment. Each role that is defined for the user in the user profile is displayed in the Pick a role drop-down menu.
    Duration: The task Duration dictates how information appears and how it can be set up for the assignee. For more information, see "Understanding Task Duration and Duration Type". When bulk editing assignment information, a similar dialogue box appears to assign users, hours, allocation, and task owner.
  7. Click Save Changes.

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