Can ownership of a report change?


No, ownership of a report cannot change. However, the user who created the report can allow other users to edit the report. The way you can allow users to edit a report depends on the type of user you are.

  • System administrators: Allow users with a Plan license to edit reports by configuring the 'Edit' option in the 'Reports' row to include the 'Create' right. (For more information, see "Reporting Access.")
    If you want users to have access to all reports, adjust access levels to edit "ALL Reports."
    If you want users to have limited access, use Reports in their group or Reports shared with them.
  • End users: Allow others to edit individual reports by sharing the report and giving Manage access to it, as described in "Sharing Reports."
This article last updated on 2017-12-05 15:25:20 UTC