Using the Reference Number of Objects

In Workfront, items are identified as objects. Objects correspond with the database and are used to correlate data with an item.

Each of the following objects created in Workfront is assigned a unique reference number:

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Issues
  • Documents

Reference numbers are useful in distinguishing between two otherwise similar objects (such as tasks with the same name). You can search for reference numbers, include them in reports, and so forth.

Viewing An Object's Reference Number 

Reference numbers are displayed by default for tasks and issues. You can also easily configure Workfront to display reference numbers for other types of objects.

Viewing Reference Numbers for Tasks and Issues

Reference numbers are displayed by default when viewing a task or issue.

Viewing Reference Numbers for Other Objects 

To view reference numbers for objects, you can create a custom view or modify an existing view to display Reference Numbers. For example, you can modify the Projects view to display the reference number for all your projects. 

For information about how to create or modify a View, see "Creating and Customizing Views."

Viewing Reference Numbers in Reports

You can display the reference number for objects in reports by adding the Reference Number column to the report.

For information about how to add a column to a report, see "Creating a Report".

Searching For An Object By Reference Number

Workfront enables you to search for an object by reference number.

Type an objects reference number into the 'Search' field, then press Enter.

For more information on searching in Workfront, see "Searching Workfront."

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