Providing Access to Request Queues

You can provide different users access to a Request Queue, depending on whether they are part of the project team, project group, or project company. You can also provide access to everyone in the system to the Request Queue. 

This is useful in organizations that invite external stakeholders into the application and wish to limit or narrow the access of that individual to specific areas — in this case a company or group queue limits visibility to the external stakeholder, whereas a public group (open to anyone) is open to external stakeholders, as well as internal ones.

Group queues are useful when several departments share an Workfront account to achieve unique organizational goals. Each department may have its own queues that members of other groups should not be able to see.

For more information about creating a Request Queue, see "Creating a Request Queue."

To provide access to a Request Queue:

  1. Navigate to the project that you want to designate as a Request Queue.
    NOTE Only projects with a status of Current are visible in the Requests area of the Global Navigation bar.
  2. Click More, and then Queue Setup.
  3. Select the Queue Details sub-tab.
  4. Select Publish as Help Request Queue to designate the project as a Request Queue.
  5. Select from the following options: 
    Anyone: Allows any user to view and add requests to the request queue.
    Project Team Members: Allows users associated with the project request queue itself to view and add requests. 
    People in this Project's Company: Allows only users associated with the project's Company to view and add requests. The Company associated with the project is listed in parentheses next to this option. 
    People in this Project's Group: Allows only users associated with the project's Group to view and add requests. The Group associated with the project is listed in parentheses next to this option. 
    To find out what users belong to the Project Team, navigate to the Staffing tab of the project. For more information about a Project Team, see "Understanding the Project Team and Projects I'm On." Groups and companies can be associated with the project when editing the project. For more information about editing projects, see "Editing Projects."
  6. Click Save.

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