Understand the Timesheet Layout


This section describes the layout of timesheets within Workfront, allowing you to better understand how to customize and utilize timesheets to meet your needs. 

Timesheet and Hour Preferences control what appears on a timesheet. This provides an overview of all available options. 

For information about how to log time on a time sheet, see "Logging Time."

The following information describes the various areas of the timesheet.


Identifies the start and end dates of the timesheet and includes the status of the timesheet. 

Object Name
Identifies the projects, tasks and issues in the section where the items are associated. Clicking the blue header row collapses the projects.

Tasks, Issues, and Projects where time is recorded outside the timesheet or items planned during the timeframe of the timesheet appear here automatically, allowing users to record time. 


The toolbar enables you to add objects to the timesheet, filter, the timesheet, and show comments.

For more information, see the "Timesheet" section in "Logging Time."

Hour Type

Allows users to enter different types of hours on an item. This is a customized field set by the System Administrator.

Comment Area

Displays any comments made on the timesheet. For more information, see "Viewing and Managing Comments on a Timesheet."


The Timesheet provides input fields for each task item and day of the timesheet range to record time spent working on the item. Users can also input any overtime hours.


Provides the sum of all hours entered on the timesheet, summarized by day as well as by object.


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