Understand the Timesheet Layout


Review the timesheets layout to better understand how to customize and utilize timesheets to meet your needs. 

Timesheet Title

This identifies the start and end dates of the timesheet and includes the status of the timesheet. 


Allows users to filter results by project or hour type. Users can also Add Projects, Issues, or Tasks they have worked on to record time against those items. 

Project Name

The Project Name identifies the projects, tasks and issues in the section where the items are associated. Clicking the blue header row collapses the projects.

Task, Issue, and Project

Tasks, Issues, and Projects where time is recorded outside the timesheet or items planned during the timeframe of the timesheet appear here automatically, allowing users to record time. 


The Status identifies the current status of the item and allows users to make comments. 


The Timesheet provides input fields for each task item and day of the timesheet range to record time spent working on the item.

Hour Type

This field allows users to enter different types of hours on an item. This is a customized field set by the System Administrator.


This field allows users to input the any overtime hours. 

Per Day Total

Provides a roll up of the time entries for each day. 


This area provides the sum of all hours entered on the timesheet.

Previous and Next Week

If a timesheet spans multiple weeks, these icons are activated to provide a navigation between weeks. 


When recording time on a specific date the box looks like this.  

Clicking the '+' icon allows users to submit a comment.

Once a comment is submitted, a notch appears on the record in the box indicating a comment.  


Users can update expenses on a work item by selecting this icon. 

Both new expenses and existing expenses can be updated, however, users need to have access to expenses in order to make these changes. 

Timesheet Comments

Users can include a comment on their timesheet. The approver of the timesheet is then able to view the comment. 


Timesheets are either submitted for approval (sent to approver, if applicable) or it can be saved until it is ready for submission. Submitting the timesheet for approval will lock the timesheet and the user can no longer make changes.


Timesheet and Hour Preferences control what appears on a timesheet. This provides an overview of all available options.