Configuring a Custom Help URL


When you access Help in Workfront you are automatically routed to the Workfront help site:

As a system administrator, you can configure a custom help URL. This URL is additional to the icons and links through which users can access the Workfront Help Site. 

Accessing Help in Workfront

You can access the Workfront Help Site from the following Help icons and links in the Workfront web application:

  • All Help Articles link under the Help icon in the Global Navigation Bar.
  • The link for Help on specific areas in the Global Navigation Bar under the Help icon in the Global Navigation Bar.
  • Context-sensitive help icon, throughout the web application. 

For more information about accessing Help in Workfront, see "Accessing Workfront Help."

Configuring a Custom Help URL 

By configuring a custom Help URL, you can have all the users in your system access a Help site of your choice. For example, if you have an internal site that users are accustomed to visiting for help, you can link that site to Workfront. This way, the users have a familiar experience when searching for help. 

Choosing a custom URL for your help site does not affect the links to the Workfront Help Site in the web application. 

To configure a custom URL for Help: 

  1. Navigate to the Setup area in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Expand System, then click Preferences.
  3. In the General Preferences section, in the Custom Help URL field, specify the URL where your custom help site is located.
    If your custom help location requires login credentials, those credentials are required for users when they access the site from Workfront. The credentials to your custom help site might need to be managed separately from the Workfront credentials if you do not have a single sign-on solution in place. 
  4. Click Save.

Accessing the Custom Help URL

Your system administrator must configure the custom Help URL for your Workfront instance before you can access it. For more information about configuring a custom help URL, see "Configuring a Custom Help URL."

To access the custom help URL:

  1. Click the avatar in the upper-right corner of your Workfront interface.
  2. Click Custom Help.

    This link should take you to a help location other than the Workfront Help Site.
    If your administrator set up a help site outside of Workfront, you might need separate credentials to log in to the specified help site. Contact your administrator to learn what the login credentials are for this site. 

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