Calculated Custom Data


Calculated custom data allows users to create their own data fields based on other fields in Workfront. 


Calculated custom data fields reside on custom forms. These fields are created in a similar manner to other custom data fields. 

Calculated data requires users to identify the calculation for the field. Users can combine date and time, mathematical, text, and other expressions to develop calculations to produce reportable data. Results can be displayed in text, currency, number, date and date/time formats. Workfront strongly encourages using the appropriate format when displaying calculated values. For example, when calculating dates use a date or date/time format. 


To determine profit, a calculation of the difference between cost and revenue will need to be created.  


Sum (Revenue, Cost)


Revenue - Cost

If there is an issue with the the formula, Workfront will prompt users to correct the issue before continuing. 


Calculated custom data can also be created using custom data fields. 

When creating names for calculated custom fields it is strongly encouraged not to use characters in the name that are recognized in mathematical expressions like " / * - ".