Applying Custom Forms to Objects

After a user with administrative rights creates a custom form (as described in Creating Custom Forms), any user with Manage rights to an object can apply that custom form to the object. 

Understanding Multiple Custom Forms

 Workfront enables you to apply up to 10 custom forms on a given object, allowing you to make fields available to some users and not to others, or allowing you to better meet the form requirements of multiple projects.

For example, if an existing project has a custom form already, and more custom fields are needed which exist on another custom form. You can add a second form to the project with the additional fields, rather than add the fields to the existing custom form, if those fields are needed just for this one project. 

Custom forms can be associated with the following objects, and can be applied only to the type of object for which the custom form was created: 

  • Companies
  • Iterations
  • Documents
  • Expenses
  • Issues
  • Portfolios
  • Programs
  • Projects (including Business Cases)
  • Tasks
  • Users

Applying Custom Forms to an Object

A custom form must be created by a user with administrative rights before you can apply it to an object. For information about how to create a custom form, see Creating Custom Forms. You must have Manage rights to the object where you want to apply it.

To apply a custom form to an object:

  1. Navigate to the object where you want to apply the custom form.
  2. Click the Edit option in the upper-right corner of the page (for example, the Edit Project or Edit Issue option, depending on the type of object you are modifying).
    Click the details tab (for example, 'Project Details' or 'Issue Details,' depending on the type of object you are modifying).
  3. Click Custom Forms.
  4. In the drop-down list, select the custom form that you want to apply to the object.
    Repeat this step to apply additional custom forms to the object. You can apply up to 10 custom forms to a single object.

Applying Custom Forms to Multiple Objects in Bulk

You can add custom forms to multiple objects, by selecting them in a list. 

To apply custom forms to objects in bulk:

  1. For example, navigate to a list of tasks.
  2. Select multiple tasks in the list, then click Edit.
  3. Click Custom Forms.
  4. In the Make a selection drop-down menu, select the form you want to associate with all the tasks.
    NOTE If you cannot find the form in the drop-down menu, this means that at least one of the tasks has the form already associated with it. Determine which tasks that is, and eliminate it from your selection, before you can add the form to the remaining tasks. 
  5. Click Save Changes.



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