Understanding Event Notifications

Event Notifications are emails triggered by events on objects such as projects, tasks, or issues. Unlike time-based notifications, these emails are sent when something occurs on the project that others need to know about.

As a system administrator, you can enable event notifications for all your users, in the Email Setup area.

For more information about enabling system-level event notifications, see "Enabling and Disabling Event Notifications."

You cannot change the content of the email notifications, as they are configured by Workfront. However, you can change the subject lines of the event notifications emails. For more information about customizing the email subject lines of event notifications, see "Customizing Email Subjects for Event Notifications."

When notifications are enabled, the event is added to each user's Notifications section on their individual profile. The user then has access to enable it or disable it for their own profile. Users with access to edit other users or system administrators can enable and disable notifications in the profile of other users, as well. 

For more information about configuring email notifications in the profile of a user, see "Configuring Email Notifications."

After you enable the event notifications for your profile, you start receiving emails about certain events in the system. For example, if the event notification 'The due date changes on a task I'm assigned to' is enabled, then any time the due date changes on one of your tasks, you receive an email notification. 

Emails contain information about the event that took place and links back to Workfront where you can see the event in the system. For more information about receiving email notifications, see "Receiving Email Notifications."


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