Attaching Reminder Notifications

Reminder notifications can be associated with several different object types: Projects, Tasks, Issues, Timesheets, Templates, Template Tasks, Recurring Timesheet Profiles.

Before you can attach reminder notifications to an object, system administrators first establish them in the Setup area, as described in "Setting Up Reminder Notifications." 

The steps to attach a reminder notifications are the same, regardless of the object type that you are attaching them to. 

Attaching Reminder Notifications to Objects

To attach reminder notifications to an object:

  1. Navigate to the object where you want to attach the reminder notification.
  2. Edit the object.
    In this example, the object being edited is a task.
  3. In the Reminder Notification section, select the notifications that you want to attach to the object. You can attach multiple notifications to a single object.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Testing Reminder Notification Delivery

Reminder notifications trigger every night at midnight, Mountain Time. All the objects that qualify for a reminder notification trigger a notification to the designated users shortly after that. 
To cause reminder notifications to trigger manually, the condition for the reminder must first be met.
For instance, if a reminder is set to trigger an hour after the Planned Completion Date of a project, that time must have passed between when the reminder was set and now. Any projects that had planned completion dates passed before the reminder was activated will not trigger a notification. 

To cause a reminder notification to trigger manually:

  1. Click Setup on the Global Navigation Bar.

  2. Expand the System link in the lower left corner of your screen.
  3. Click Diagnostics.
  4. Click Conduct Diagnostics.
  5. Click Send Reminder Notifications and wait for the confirmation at the top of the screen that they have been sent.
    The users designated in the reminder notification receive an email.

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